1. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

By using SHIPPER.VIP, the client is deemed to agree and obey all the terms and conditions related to the specific carriers below:
UPS Terms and Conditions
DHL Terms and Conditions
Purolator Terms and Conditions
Canada Post Terms and Conditions
Federal Express Terms and Conditions

2. Actual Weights of the Package

Actual weights of the individual shipment will be based on the relevant carrier's formula for dimensional weights. If the dimensional weight exceeds the actual true weight, the carrier's calculation of the dimensional weight will always apply. In such cases, we assume clients acknowledge and agree that an adjustment will be billed to their credit cards or Account Credit once we are notified by the carrier.

3. Claims and Refund

SHIPPER.VIP investigates all claims and our agents will be able to provide an update once the investigation starts. The carrier, instead of SHIPPER.VIP, will decide whether to issue a refund to the client based on the results of the investigation.

If there is any issue regarding the tracking status, clients may contact the carrier's customer service directly.

Please note all claims should be submitted within SHIPPER.VIP. The clients are not supposed to contact carriers for claims. SHIPPER.VIP will act on the clients' behalf and refund and/or compensate clients when the carrier approves the claim.

4. Sensitive Products

Sensitive products such as sea cucumber, American ginseng, etc. may be returned or destroyed. We are not responsible for those consequences. The carrier may not necessarily be liable for compensation for destroyed commodities. In that case, SHIPPER.VIP will not be liable for compensation. Please be well noted!

5. Others

Once the package is sent out, it is clients' responsibility to contact the carrier directly for any changes or updates regarding shipping information of both the consignee and the sender. If the package hasn't been sent, clients can just simply cancel the order and place a new one.

The Chinese-English translation provided by SHIPPER.VIP is only a supplementary function, which cannot guarantee completely correctness. It is the clients' responsibility to make sure all the information is correct before sending out the package. SHIPPER.VIP is not responsible for any customer complaints caused by this problem.

Please note prospective clients may not able to sign up for SHIPPER.VIP services if they have an active account with any of the carrier's listed in this Disclaimer.

Payments using credit card will be charged 2% service fee for each transaction. For cash out, 3% of the transaction amount will be charged as services fee.

By using this website and its contents, you automatically agree to its terms and conditions.